Sauna Bath

Sweating has long been used as a therapy. And considering those sweat as a therapy for a body,
originated from Finland Sauna has been used for thousands of years and are still popular today. Sauna is
basically a heat bath taken inside a wooden cabin and is available to all ages from age 6. The air inside is
kept at the temperature which fluctuates between 60 and 100˚ C and also humidity is very low. It is
done so to ensure that perspiration evaporates and the skin doesn’t become too hot.
There are various types of Sauna such as wood burning ; wood is used to heat the sauna room and
sauna rocks, electrically heated; an electric heater is attached to the floor so to heat the sauna room,
infrared room; it is different type sauna bath where special lamps use light waves so to heat the
person’s body instead of the entire room and the temperature in it is about 60° Celsius and last type is
Steam room which is not included in sauna room instead a room includes a high humidity and moist
heat rather than dry heat that is used in sauna rooms.

Today, sauna bath is available in almost every fitness center and people are increasingly using it. Looking
at its benefits, Sauna Bath helps in smooth and glowing skin, relieving stress, reducing calories,
improving sleep patterns, as well as removing all unwanted dead cells. It is also regarded as a great
therapy for heart and organs and also helps in proper blood flow in the skin and organs. Moreover,
taking Sauna would also help in benefiting the one with cardiovascular health problems but that should
also require medical advice. It also helps in easing pain as sauna bath helps in increasing the circulation
reducing muscle soreness, improving joint movements which means ease arthritis pain. In addition,
people with asthma many also find relief from some symptoms as a result of using Sauna.
The sauna offers lots of benefits to people of all ages. However, anyone using Sauna for the first time
should remember that our body needs time to get used to certain stimuli which means taking sauna
should be done with care and caution. But following the certain and correct steps would give a body
maximum benefit from Sauna. But we should always remember that before having a Sauna you should
not have empty stomach or full stomach a light meal is must preferred. First stage includes warming up
which would last from 5-8 minutes than comes cooling down means taking a short bath in ice-cold water
which can be replaced then with a cold-warm shower. Now, third or last stage includes re-entering the
sauna for further ten minutes then another cold shower when you come out. After the end of Sauna
replacing the lost liquid is preferred, this includes drinking plenty of water or herbal teas, fruits and
vegetable juices so to replenish the body with right amount of water that is lost with sweat during

As Sauna involves shifting movement to high and low temperatures, there is high risk of blood pressure
rise or fall so a person with low pressure is asked to try before consulting a doctor as well as dehydration
to some people. But taking consistent amount of time on Sauna such as 5-10 minutes for beginners and
for others 20 minutes would not make any risk instead would help in relaxation of body and skin.
However, things that should be remembered before and after doing Sauna is avoid alcohol, drink plenty
of water, and avoid Sauna use if ill and if its children then supervision must be done.

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