‘End the workout and join the party’, the statement clearly explains what Zumba is. Zumba is one kind of fitness activity where workout involves dancing or moving your body with the beats of music. It has been one of the most popular exercise crazes in recent years. Many fitness or gym centers have started Zumba classes too, with the craze of people on Zumba then gym today. Dancing on the songs like Cha Cha, Salsa, reggaeton, rumba and more, you would almost forget you are working instead would enjoy the simple sexy moves on that beats. Talking about the history, from where such kind of exercise emerged; back in 1990’s a
Colombian dancer and choreographer developed a new dance fitness program called Zumba, which combines elements of dance and aerobics, including many different styles of South American-inspired dancing and rudimentary exercises. Later finding it a fun activity and engaging in nature over 15 million started using new styles in more than 175 countries. Today it is used in all the countries of the globe recognized as a famous form of exercise.
Zumba is basically a 1-hour exercise class which is led by a trained Zumba professional. However, combining slow and fast dance moves with the elements of resistance training, it is a full body workout that encourages social interaction, communal support of common goals, and enjoyment in the act of exercising. It is the form of workout which is suitable for each age group people from young to old and healthy to out of shape.
Talking about the benefits of Zumba, the first thing is it helps in keeping our body fit and healthy. Moreover, it burns 300-600 calories of our body in a single hour. Zumba’s standard hour-long classes get your body accustomed to ongoing exercise and energy expenditure promoting endurance. While fitness involves maintaining our body fitness, it leads to a reduction in tension and improves range of motion boosts posture and flexibility in regular users. Doing Zumba is also a form of exercise where you get to learn and develop a positive feeling reducing anxiety as well as developing confidence. However, when dance involves the movement of each part of your body equally, it is also an activity of increasing coordination among people as well as the body. Lastly, while the Zumba includes the small part of each dance forms such as salsa, samba, cardio, modern, contemporary, etc. it is also a part of dance learning means one skill adding. Thus, Zumba combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combination that allows the Zumba participants to dance away with no worries. It is a fun activity exercise which is not only great for the body but is great for a mind too.

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